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Workspace Macro Pro 7.0

Automate the recording and playback of audio
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Create an automated system of audio playback. Select the source files and online signals, assign custom actions in sequence or separately. Adjust changes between the recording and the re-play conditions, set up schedules for capturing and replaying audio signals.

Workspace Macro Pro is a program that lets you automate processes in Windows. This program will allow you to record your keystrokes and mouse movements into a file with the wk.sp extension, which can later be run by the application, at scheduled times or at your request. This is useful to automate repetitive tasks, such as triggering certain programs or batch renaming a group of files. You will not need any programming skills to automate tasks. The program includes templates that you can edit to fit your needs. You can also edit your recorded macros in order to eliminate unnecessary steps. The program´s interface has three buttons that will be all you need to control it. The "Run" button will allow you to run a recorded macro, once it´s selected in the main screen. The "New" button will trigger the macro recording, with the program storing all your activity in a file that can be later edited or played. The "Edit" button will allow you to see every recorded step, and make modifications on them or erase those steps that you find unnecessary.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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